I’m not writing about Acer,Asus,Sony,Toshiba,HP, Dell Notebooks.

I’m talking the real Notebook. Pen and Paper.

From a mild observation, even in the geekiest tech expos and conferences, pens and notebooks are still handed out! Why?

Paper is still a primary collection point, in spite of all advances.

If you are over 25, chances are you take notes and place reminders with pen and paper as oppossed to or in conjunction with Workflowy,Evernote,Paper,RTM and other productivity notetaking apps.

This question becomes even more critical when you think about the millions of dollars being spent on tablets for education and OLPC by governments the world over.

The answer,I suppose, is in our upbringing. We are a lost cause;unlearning 20 plus years of rote education and studying on pen and pad is a daunting task.

However if a child is brought up with the tablet or laptop as the primary input mechanism for study,then we will soon see a very different world.

Tablets are largely built for the consumption of content, usage of applications with creative input has slacked greatly.

I believe only the next generation will use gadgets, working with the internet of things, as a primary collection point.


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