BBM on iOS and Android

Oh well, Oh well


There is so many messaging application apps for both android and iOS nowadays, I’m really confused now since all them claimed that they are the best messaging application around. i can’t seem to figure out the difference between viber, whatsapp, wechat, etc, etc. case in point i believe they are all the same? the more intriguing question is what do people really use? Since i believe people abuse their data plan and the capacity of their smartphones to install almost every messaging application around like what i did! LOL

But personally I “LOVE” BBM by RIM (Blackberry smartphones) even if i already jumped into the iOS and Android bandwagon i still manage to keep a blackberry smartphone for BBM sake,  it shows how much i love the app for me it’s reliable messaging tool. My iPhone looks like now:


BREAKING NEWS: Not so long ago RIM announced that BBM (BlackBerry…

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