MyCadbox Is A Dropbox For CAD Files, But With Evernote-Style Ambitions


The idea of offering a cloud-based service for designers, engineers and stakeholders to share and collaborate on CAD files isn’t a new one. GrabCAD, which is VC-backed to the tune of $14 million, springs to mind. There’s also Sunglass, a company that made its private beta debut at TechCrunch Disrupt New York and publicly launched last October. Today, another startup is throwing its CAD file sharing wares into the ring.

MyCadbox, from Finland’s CadFaster, is probably best described as a Dropbox for CAD files, but unlike its competitors it largely shuns the Web for native desktop and mobile apps that it says affords it the ability to share and view much larger 3D models and at a higher frame rate than browser-based technologies allow. In the future, however, it has more ambitious plans to add Evernote-style search features to help unlock the huge amount of metadata potentially…

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