Study: Smoking hookah presents higher cancer risk than cigarettes


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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Hookah bars are fast-becoming the “in” thing for university students. Many think it’s not as harmful as smoking cigarettes.

A recent survey showed that three out of 10 students have either tried it once or continually use a hookah.

A hookah pipe is where the tobacco is placed on the top and after it is lit, the smoke flows through a water filter at the bottom. In Kansas City’s midtown area, there are at least five hookah cafes from 34th to 39th streets.

A new study out of San Francisco shows that there are harmful chemicals associated with both types of smoking but a hookah presents a higher cancer risk.

“The big myth is that it is not as harmful as a cigarette,” said Dr. Dayton Dmelle. “Less than five percent of the nicotine is actually filtered out by water. So you end up getting as…

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