SuperCalendar Aims To Fix Your Scheduling Woes With A Mix Of Tech And ‘Superhuman’ Power


“I completely forgot that we were supposed to meet today, I’m sorry.”
“I swore that I put it on the calendar.”
“My dog got sick.”
“My dog ate my calendar. Then he got sick.”
“Ugh. I blew it.”

These are excuses that I you may have given recently for missing meetings with people, either for work or for personal outings. Even though every major tech company in the world, including Apple, Google and Microsoft, has tried to tackle scheduling, the reality is that the options suck. Even upstarts like Sunrise, while beautifully designed, aren’t getting the job done. If we can’t afford a real personal assistant to bug us about every step we’re supposed to take on a given day, we’re not doing a great job of keeping our schedules straight.

Even the most regimented planners aren’t thrilled with the options out there, with one close friend telling me…

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