From The Team Behind Branch, Potluck Is A New Link-Sharing Service For The Internet’s “Lurkers” Who Don’t Tweet Or Blog


The team behind the social conversation platform Branch is today launching a new venture with Potluck, a service which seems almost the complete inverse of the company’s earlier efforts at inspiring thoughtful, quality discussions on the web. If, according to the Internet’s 1 percent rule, only a small minority will activity participate in content creation (as with Branch), then think of Potluck as the service that appeals to the larger majority of so-called “lurkers.”

Potluck is essentially a link-sharing network built on top of a users’ social connections from Twitter, Facebook and Gmail. But unlike many of today’s social networks, including both Facebook and Twitter as well as Branch, the focus is not on having users craft an online persona, but rather on the content being shared.

Explains Branch CEO and co-founder Josh Miller in a blog post on Medium (a product, like Branch, also backed by Twitter founders’ incubator The Obvious…

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