How the Near Field Communication Technology (NFC) Is Shaping Your World?

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Most of the latest smartphones in the Android world come with a built-in technology known as Near Field Communication (NFC). Some of the examples are the latest HTC One, LG Optimus G Pro, Sony Xperia Z, etc. Already, plenty of the existing Android smartphones have NFC chips built in. What exactly is this technology and what does it do? Let’s analyze in this article.

NFC is a technical specification that enables radiofrequency communication between two devices by bringing them together, either by tapping or simply touching. Potential applications of this technology are astounding—initiating payments through mobile phones, creating and maintaining Wireless networks (home networking), exchange of electronic business cards, ticket reservation on train and air travel without cash or cards, analyzing electronic menus in restaurants, purchasing movie tickets, etc. This is only the tip of the iceberg. Once the

Technology becomes ubiquitous, you will see many more applications.


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