Low-cost vibration sensors can make any surface touch sensitive


Last month, I wrote about my frustration with Intel (s intc) for dawdling in bringing technology to market that can make any surface touch sensitive. Now, it looks like they have a competitor.

Researchers at Nanyang Technological University in Singapore are looking to commercialize a system that can turn surfaces like windows, wooden tables and whiteboards into interactive touchscreens. “It means in the future, you could play computer games or draw sketches on walls or windows since almost all surfaces can be made touch sensitive with our system,” NTU assistant professor Andy Khong said in a release Wednesday.

STATINA touch sensitive display

Unlike Intel’s system, which uses a camera to track touches, NTU’s STATINA relies on vibration sensors. Every time a light tap is applied to a surface, vibrations ripple out and hit the sensors. By calculating the difference in time between when the vibrations reach the sensors, the system pinpoints where the…

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