Maxthon Is A Cloud-Based Browser For Power Users


Maxthon may not have the name recognition of Chrome, Firefox or Safari, but the cloud browser has gained a global following of more than 100 million unique visitors per month in 140 countries. Karl Mattson, the company’s vice president, says Maxthon’s growth has been driven in large part by Web developers and gamers who appreciate its built-in memory management, Flash, GPU acceleration and HTML5 support.

“We really see a lot of confidence in HTML5 and want to do everything we can in a browser to make it easy for developers and other people who are doing the heavy lifting in HTML5 right now building games that can run on it,” says Mattson.

The Beijing-based company, which has offices in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Hong Kong and Shanghai, was founded in 2006 by engineer Jeff Chen while working at the National University of Singapore. Chen had taken over the job of coding…

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