Hi, my name is Steve, and I am a Social Media Enthusiast.

This means, I am very good at talking about what people are talking about.

Social Media enthusiasm is all about being very enthusiastic about social media technology, for example Google and her products, Facebook and Twitter.

As you should know, these are the basic means of communication in Web 2.0

Essential to any social media enthusiast though, is knowledge of what’s happening,NOW and what’s happening NEXT, FIRST (I cannot emphasize this more).

After you know it, you must then immediately “share” your knowledge through as many Cool IT Kid gangs as possible. Some of these are Reddit, Quora,StumbledUpon, Google+,and a few other select sites.

There are also a few invite only mailing lists,meetings and sites you can further contribute to once you build up XP through credibility and uniqueness.

PRO TIP: Always use a Social Media Aggregator. Twitter’s Tweetdeck is a good start, but as your XP increases of course, you will need better tools.

A good social media enthusiast knows his ecosystem. You must first study and understand the histories of the companies you talk about so as to sound knowledgable and credible.

To be the best though, you must go a step further. Get a blog and blog. Get to know the Venture Capitalists and VC programs, startup competitions and Investors and their program directors.

Knowing and engaging with these guys’ (social media accounts) can make you a social media guru.
The potential ability to link startups to them tips you over from enthusiast to guru.

As there are do’s, there are donts.

As a social media enthusiast, you must learn to ignore:

1. Any advancement or development by traditional companies. Top on this list are Microsoft, IBM, General Electric and similar Blue Chip organizations. The reason is simple, they can afford their own media. Also, they are evil and supporting them is selling out the revolution.

2.Ignore anything that’s not happening in The Valley. Its not worth your time, as it probably will not be worth any attention. Except of course, when its crossed the cool factor. Like Africa’s Ushahidi, Irooko, Mxit. Indians and Asians have lots off disruptive stuff, but they don’t count. Unless they cross the river.

3. You are to be followed/friended, so keep the number of people you link to low. Breaking this rule will mess up your Klout score, and then where will you be? Except of course if they are ranked higher than you. This raises your score.

4. Always talk about what’s hot. Unless its piling up the VCs or changing the world in some fundamental way, why talk about it. Example. Vine is hot. Vine is not hot; Instagram is. During Instagram’s tenure, do not talk about Vine.

My hero and mentor is Robert Scoble, who I can call a Technology Critic. His rubberstamp on your product might get a startup so much VC money, enough to turn the idea into something worth Exiting.

Coz that’s what its about, the exit strategy, where the concept is sold to the big evil blue chip corporations we ignored in rule 1.

Always take any opportunity to gain following on your social media accounts, your Klout score and ranking is worth a gazillion internet points!

Linkedin:Steve Tipper

As a social media enthusiast, you are a revolutionary,social development loving,globetrotting, startup focused,mountain climbing, biking, camping,open source/standards propagating, hero of your home town,The Internet.

Do it well enough, and you will figure out a niche perspective of things.

Soon you will start travelling the world to give cool talks about things people are talking about, simply because you talk about it so much that you can be deemed a specialist, and rise to the rank of Technology Evangelist.


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