The Law of the Grey


The ideal execution of law and morality is black and white; the reality is all grey.

Under Kenyan law, a minibus should shuttle a maximum of 14 passengers.
To contravene this, both the minivan’s owners and infringing passengers would be heavily fined.


On the morning in question, I left home a bit later than usual.

This of course meant I got to my bus stage with the sun showing her face, and with a number of people ready for the race to the city.

So we waited,it being the peak of the morning, we soon were a tidy crowd waiting for a bus.

Is there room for chivalry in public transport?

Actually, there is a grey area, you let one,two, three, four and on the fifth one you cut in because I mean then you would just be late and a gentleman’s never late! 🙂


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