Poor Forgotten Soles

You know those poor Forgotten Soles.. Those shoes you need to hike the highest and toughest mountains, that armor your shin from the nooks in the valleys too…

And those that make you look your best, those that you only take out when it’s time to shine…

Please don’t appreciate them only when you need them.
Take them out even when you don’t, feed them your best dark polish, reconnect, recollect the memories of the great times… They will bring forth in you more great times.

If untreated, they wrinkle and grow sullen, into creatures you never knew, and soon you’ll be craving a new pair, tossing away sandstones of memories.

And who is to say breaking in new friends is wrong? But the sages say make new friends, keep the old, one is silver, the other gold.

More often we do not appreciate those that are there daily, ever more true is that we appreciate less those that we need there when things really count.


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