Draft National Music Policy of Kenya

Quick one.

The scope of the music policy is a bit limited. (Pun attempted).

The focus on technology, digitization, archiving and piracy is misplaced.

In my view it is drafted from a purely business or financial mindset.

True intent of firm music policy should identify authentic Kenyan musical scales, music standards (as with Jazz Standards), stylistic frameworks.

When Kamau wishes to build a house, the architect listens to his dream, and uses the standards and frameworks of architecture to shift that to reality. Where are the Kenyan musical scales,standards and frameworks?

This is what is lacking and causes the endless and purposeless search for a single Kenyan sound.

In years past albeit under political patronage, there were topical songs,singing games,work songs,rounds, dirges etc defined as such with public understanding of the structure, form, intent and purpose of the music, and a framework from which to propel creativity.

Today, artists build content in the absence of an understanding of frameworks and content structure.

I would pray for an amendment of this policy document to truly focus on what is the best practice form and structure of its industry, as is done in any other industry vertical.


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