On Photography: An Exhibition of Verbal Micro Conversations AKA All These Lenses And You Can’t Even Take A Damn Photo


This story is not mine,fully; it is a jagged exhibition of snapshots of conversations with many voices  randomly met on photography.

You may notice your voice.


Na ukicatch.
Now that we are here, were you to take me to court, we could both become famous!

Now that is something to consider, isn’t it?


My mom believes pictures must be in the sitting room.
Pictures in the album. Pictures on the wall.

Of course na hizo vitambaa, you get the picture.

Pictures on Instagram make no sense.

No one remembers where the pictures you took three years ago are.
And no one goes there.
It’s creepy to dig.
And accidentally like.

And so they do not matter because no one cares.

You, do you think in ten years you will still be on Facebook or now you will have left it and you will be on something else?

Mom sees the pictures in the computer and wonders.
Why are they staying in there.

Why aren’t they printed?

Even these selfies you take daily. Where are they I don’t see them.

If hung up or in an album. That’s when pictures become things.

Things make it easy to remember.

It makes no sense having pictures on the phone because phones don’t hold any memory.

And all these young children who think they have suddenly become photographers. When parents pay through the nose for your higher education. It is no joke!

It is a bit frustrating.

The price of the camera I am told the other day, I would rather the boy buy a plot from PRC.

Na kama ni biashara. Have an office. Hire a secretary. Then I know it’s business. But these pictures you take with a silver umbrella, torches and bulbs in your rental house I don’t understand.

If it is just a hobby why don’t you take up golf. There you can meet men to be led by.

She doesn’t understand it at all.



I missed a shot.

Unatembea na mutu halafu anasema I missed a shot.

I missed a shot.

Yani unachanganyika ni shot gani anaongea sasa hapa tukitembea hadharani.

Yani I don’t know how to say this.

Ni kama sisi wengine wenye hatukumiss hio shot ni kama hatuna macho.

No offense meant and if taken aki please forgive me but ni kama tuko photographically disabled sisi wengine.

Taking photos of the dark side of a spoon, the shade of a lamppost, a waterdroplet.

Yani he has so much art in him it’s basically oozing everywhere. Na haoni anatuboo!

Sio ati I hate photographers.

But you don’t see actors singers dancers painters forcing-forcing their hobbies on other people soooo much.

Why always them?


Your posted picture of grazing wild zebra disturbs my face as I sit with my alternate window, my spreadsheet filled computer screen.

Why do you go through all that. As in why do you feel you need to show us so much, your passion.

Ni nini inakuwasha washa.

Do you just have too much money and time on your hands.

Your view from sijui which floor.

Wengine hata hawakujui kwa sura but they know from your profile picture you have something to do with Nikon P900
Coz your profile pic is always your camera.

If ever you post anything it’s your suffering in the bundus tembeaingkenya to save us diskettes from going braindead by showing us bright and wild and far photography. (if you know how diskettes work you will cache that reference)

That you are touched and have been by the rain, the colours of the rainbow, and how light falls on its subjects and creates darkness on the other side.

And so you have to become a photographer. To capture those moments for the rest of us who just can’t see the world as it really is and more, as it truly should be.


My friend took a magnificent magnificent photo.. Sorry I don’t have it here, if you need to see it come see it its in my album.

But he took the photo with his Samsung the latest version after iPhone 6.

My guy that photo can win awards. And rewards. But the guy is just polite.

It’s about having the eye. He says. These guys. The ones with the DSLRs.  (And by the way that thing its not cheap stuff daddy.)  I call them the new cants (sp).

These new cants  are only slightly different from the old cants.

The old cants are the Apple guys.

Watu wa ma Mac Book na iPhone.

We all have computers. But these guys with Macs always seem to have so much more to type!

I mean meet the guy for breakfast at Java… Lunch at Art Café or dinner at Gaucho the dude is always still freaking typing on his Macbook!!


…you feel like asking the new cants the same question.

All these lenses and you can’t even take a damn photo.

Oh dude I get it! 👌 (oh according to a local daily in their recent attempt to demystify digital speak, that emoji means something very teeny weeny wincie tiny. Lol. In this case it applies)

Me I know taking pictures is about the eye. Capturing a good image, that is done with any good camera.

What makes the picture is the eye.

No amount of equipment can compensate for you not being a skillful photographer.

Even the most expensive camera in the world shall not save you from your horrid photos.

💰 👪👰💍

Or take our view.
My husband makes a living off this thing. And it is good.

By the way we’ve come from far and this far The Lord has brought us.

Si us we decided it is a business. Him he has the skill… Me I support him some weekends when I leave Centum. You know us we work late and even weekends.

When we have done a shoot at a wedding you can see clearly which ones I took and which ones my husband took.

My husband has talent.

For us it was no joke. We equally sacrificed money and loans to get our first camera at 600,000.
We decided if we are doing something why not do it with the best we can possibly afford now.

For lighting we imported the best lighting as well. And put together a basic studio but with the best equipment.

I can tell you now three years into this my husband is earning more than Centum is paying me. From our studio.

Believe it or not.

Truth be told and ashame the devil.

Because we decided it is professional and it is professional.

Yah! He gave up his practice to actually put up this studio.

And now I don’t even get to see him over the weekend coz he is always working.

So despite the ups and downs because of everything, after all we can now say we are doing good.



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