Our approach to the Oromo Protests is a DISASTER and here’s why

It is unclear what is wrong with The Addis Ababa Master Plan that is being protested. The issues are not outlined in this blog.


By Zecharias Zelalem.

It’s been about a month or so now since reports have emerged of the resumption of last year’s Oromo protests against the Ethiopian government’s planned implementation of the Addis Ababa Master Plan. The flame which had been lit in Haramaya University has now engulfed the country, with daily protests being held at universities across the country. And despite a similar scenario playing out a year earlier, the EPRDF government appears to have failed to learn from the recent past and has taken no measures to prevent the sequence of events that led to the deaths of dozens of protesters in 2014, with reports from the country stating that state security forces are once again failing to react with proportionate force. While brutal police beatings have disrupted gatherings at universities, high schools and primary schools for the most part, live ammunition hasn’t been spared yet again, claiming the…

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