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Our society, from the year 2013, has been redefined by two terms; Accept and Move On and Willing Buyer and Willing Seller.

From the highest office in the land, we replicate these mantras to the mouths of babes.

My camera was spoilt. I cannot explain exactly what went wrong. The lens just stopped working. Exasperating.

In the old days we understood the mechanics of things, we knew everything about every appliance that we had; if ever there was an issue, all we had to do is open it up and swop a part or two.

Nowadays all items are driven by hidden advanced technology. There are layers and layers of development over a single product, such that we don not even remember why some layers existed in the first place.

This means of course that in the present day, even those we call specialists do not understand the underlying technology of products. All they have an understanding of is the usage of the technology diagnostic tools.

Fixing issues itself is automated. Look at our vehicles, our factories.

I forsee a future where the true superman will be the man with menial, base and background knowledge of the substratum of technology.

Case in point, my camera. Had I the know how, this being a fairly simple device, I should ideally be able to diagnose and swop out the part that is faulty.

The reality is quite different. I had to take it to this lady who smiled sweetly at me. She informed me that diagnostics ( I.e for her to merely look at my device) would cost me one thousand shillings.

She would then give me the cost of what is required for her to conduct the repairs, for me to elect whether she should fix it or walk away.

She smiled sweetly with the knowledge of what’s to come.
I handed the device to her.

I felt right there and then, that I had given something away: susceptible, vulnerable. Like I had knowingly played myself and yet still had no alternatives.

She went into the backroom to conduct her diagnostics. In my minds eye, as I anxiously sat in her waiting room, I could see her opening the device, then picking a brown hammer and crushing the device’s innards then picking up the broken pieces and bringing it to me to claim that was the issue.

Indeed, she brought out some black,round thing, broken, and told me that it was the gear of the camera lens, which was broken. To replace it I had to part with 5 sticks.

I felt robbed. But I paid. Neither knowing the market rate for camera lens gears,nor any better place, and didn’t even know the service rate for the devices, what was I to do?

Reasonably of course, fixing a device should ideally never be more than a third of its cost. If it is, you are getting played. But this is an arbitrary rule of caution, not of fact.

Some things do cost more to repair than to purchase brand new.

I was angry at myself, but thereafter distracted myself with more pressing or more entertaining issues.

My only option? Accept and move on.

And trust in God, trust in the system, trust in my good luck that all is right with me. Because to fight may be futile.

This scene,this sense of loss, is replicated in all avenues of Kenyan living, in our constitution,in our MPs,in the courts, in the supermarkets, in our perishable goods, our rent, our religion, fashion, name it.

We live believing that a higher power, a higher mind has considered us and is looking out for us, and that whatever we experience, there is some explanation in the grand scheme of things for our own good.

This is why we accept and move on.