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I am a PC….

I am a PC....


Teenage Girl Discovers Way to Charge Phone Batteries in Under 20 Seconds

Eesha Khare, who is only 18 years old, just created the device of our dreams.
It’s a tiny gadget that fits inside cell phone batteries, and allows them to fully charge within 20 to 30 seconds. Typically, it takes several hours to get a full charge.

Read more: http://www.businessinsider.com/eesha-khares-device-for-charging-phones-2013-5#ixzz2U13512DW

Google Glass


Google Glass as currently implemented, is a product for rich white googlegeek males.


First of all, there’s really nothing innovative, wearable tech has been in our Heinleins and Arthur C Clarkes, Orson Scott Cards,Herberts and Asimovs for several decades.

Remember the Newspad from Arthur C Clarke’s Odyssey 2001? The iPad to an I.  But I digress.

Current owners of Google Glass are white nerds.

It does not look good, so it has little to offer in terms of Appeal (read Apple)

Its also has very little to offer currently in terms of content,applications and services,what with Google taking its classic stance of their platforms being the internet of things i.e anything that doesn’t have a Google I.D can go to hell.  Google Play and open development should have deeper integration on the thing before it can be of any use.

Meaning no Twitter, Tumblr,Pinterest,Instagram.

Instead of it being a platform allowing interactions with other services, it is a Google Device, like a Facebook Phone. Sincerely. How much does that offer you in terms of value?

And currently priced at over 1,500 dollars its a totally useless device.

Until Google Glass 2 comes out, I would say, just as with Windows, wait for Service Pack 2.

The best concepts I have seen for wearable tech has been designed by Pranav Mistry whose patent concept “Sixth Sense Technology” has been bought out by Samsung.

I do hope Samsung squish Glass like a little bug.

SIRI and Speech Recognition


At the height of the Siri craze, and the Siri memes like Stuff Siri Says, it was pretty easy to believe that Apple single handedly reinvented the way we interface with devices.

Just like tablets, the niche market advertising strength was so good it could fool even the most sober of minds.

Take the tablet concept for example, its work design and concepts have been in full product release by other companies yet to the albeit sober minds who had no knowledge of the history of technology, Apple “invented” the tablet.

So it has been with Siri and Speech Recognition.

So much so, when Android developers pushed out IRIS, a sirilike mod application of SIRI ( note too, that IRIS is SIRI backwards) for the android app store over a weekend hackathon, comments on the blogs announcing that milestone were brutal.

Some suggested they be sued, others were like “ Apple ALWAYS does it first, everyone follows…”

In this field too however, there have always been subtle forerunners.

So the other day I was typing a speech on my laptop (it runs Windows 7). I was helping out a friend’s parent by writing her speech for her retirement dinner.

I always use Avafind to trace my references and resources. I think the wizards who created Avafind deserve better, it’s the quickest way to anything on ones computer.

This time however, I clicked the windows start button, and in the search box under my programs,typed the word “Speech”.

You would never guess what happened. If you haven’t tried it, you should.

Up pops this little elliptical chrome interface with a microphone,a mic meter, a darkened text instruction screen with the silvery words “listening”.



So this little tyke is Microsoft’s speech recognition software for Windows, and she’s been here on my laptop all this time!

Its a pretty nifty bit of software. The commands on windows are not so puny as those one handles on Siri, so it requires a bit of machine learning for it to understand how you speak and say certain words, through some tutorials, where it gives you sentences to dictate to your computer.

You also need some learning too, the commands on how to switch from application to application, open different programs, exit, open a tab…

The best aspect is the dictation feature, which works pretty well.

The concept takes some getting used to, and unlearning typing to familiarize oneself to speaking to the computer is no mean feat, especially the aspects of thought process and flow of ideas. I may soon be posting blogs fully from dictation, but not just yet…

when you try it you quickly realize how complicated some of the tasks on a computer are.

The ability of the machine to first learn to listen to you, and then compute your commands into functions is pretty impressive.

I really admire the guys at call centers doing remote PC helpdesk. Ever tried to remotely help someone to carry out a Word or Excel task that they have never done before?

“ click on…go down the menu, click on this, right click …” Its pretty hard work.Especially when the person on the other end is not a power user.

Right now as is, Microsoft’s speech recog software is not plug and play, however, I am certain with the current interest in speech recognition software, Windows 8 will have some pretty impressive speech features. They actually hint at this on the Windows 8 Beta Portal.

POC: Solution Marketing Concept

The Proof Of Concept is sheer genius.


Imagine a solution marketing concept that allows the user to experience a solution practically in the first person to get an intimate personalized UX for a limited time frame, gives the user the option to buy at the end of the period, gives the solution conduit an opportunity to earn extra income off his main product, and garners you, who is in control of the solution, more product sales and more depth and long term marketing due to personalized UX.


I saw this at the Aria Hotel, Las Vegas.

When one checks into the hotel , one is assigned an iPad to use. This iPad is preconfigured with an application that synchronizes with the hotel’s services.

You enter your particulars at check in and it welcomes you.

As you get into your room, the same iPad is interoperable with the TV, allowing you to schedule, book and order hotel services ( Shuttles, gym, excursions, tour offers,spa, this list is endless) through your hotel profile. It is hooked up to the mini-bar : RFID technology allowing near real time update of your bill on the iPad and TV.

So as an end user, you get in depth user experience of the device as you are using it practically for uses that are personal and important to you.

By the time you are checking out of the hotel, you are so connected to your iPad you do not want to leave it behind. As security of course, your card is on hold.



So what if you had an option to buy at the end of your stay? As a solution provider you can first be offering the iPad as a solution to the hotel (thus billing them) then sharing with them some of the revenues on sales of the product.

Classically most product demos are stuck at the expo and walk-in shop style, which doesn’t give one an attachment to the solution being provided. You hear a regurgitation of marketing hype, and if this is good enough for you, you buy. For the discerning buyer this is hardly enough. This is why as a standard, in high value projects the POC (Proof of Concept) is mandatory.

It is an expansion of the freemium model rife in the software industry.

The freemium model allows one to experience the basic features of a solution with the hope that once the user gets plugged into the service, he will eventually upgrade to premium.

Now think IDM, Internet Download Manager.

The POC concept allows one to experience full features and get attached to the device or solution being offered and getting a first hand view of the solution from a position where he or she needs to use it, but for a limited period of time. It leaves the end user yearning for the product.It however does not work for all products or solutions:

  • Works for high end solutions.A story is told of a car salesman who made his greatest sales ever during the market crash, by taking his most expensive cars to golf clubs and allowing the high value clientele to test drive and interact first hand with the vehicles, a concept then unheard of.
  • Works with high quality solutions. If your solution is bugsy, this concept can win you more enemies than clients.

Possible Misconceptions: Amsterdam


  • Nice KLM thermal blankie. Almost took it with me.
  • Well, Schiphol Airport is not exactly Amsterdam, is it, I mean, I don’t see a weed corner somewhere, I definitely looked for it. Smile  Saw the Marijuana merchandise at several shops though.
  • This is one bloody huge airport.
  • COOOOOOOLD! EXTREME COLD! I hear it got to –20 and below some days back.
  • What language is this that these people speak?
  • Walkscalators!DSCN0858
  • The duty free shops are legion! Makes me wanna bust my Mpesa Prepaid card.DSCN0862
  • Thanks Mpesa Prepaid Card. Never leave home without it. International shopping just got easier.
  • Stuff is not necessarily affordable just because it is duty free.
  • Europeans dress well. Both male and female. The standard male look, white shirt, Black woolen/faux wool jacket, dark trousers, loafers or boots. Female, I don’t know what they call all those things. just saw lots of dark woolen jackets and ankle boots.
  • No one looks you in the eye.
  • All white people own a black North FaceJacket. It is mandatory.
  • Is everyone on Apple? Does everyone own an iPad, iPhone and a Mac Book? At least everyone in this café is on Apple.
  • Are these Bose Noise cancellation headphones being dished out free?
  • What a sunrise.
  • I now know what TSA stands for. Totally Searched Allover.

I-PAD 3 AKA The New iPad

The New iPad

I would like to start with a confession: I am a hater.

Really. I’m one of those guys with staunch beliefs in variety in product, free market, diversity, self configuration, the works.

SO I have never really hopped on the Apple bandwagon simply because I don’t believe that anything that Apple decide is good for you is good for you.

I’m not a techie, but I am interested enough in technology to try and do *interesting* things to operating systems of a gadget, increase or decrease functionality as I please, you get the drift.

Sometimes though, until you taste Bud Light Platinum, you do not realize how sweet and smooth a beer can be, how savory the whole experience is.

Such was my experience with the iPad 3.

How did I get to touch and feel an iPad 3 you ask? Travel the world, go to interesting places, talk to interesting people and you will definitely see interesting things.

So here I was seated on a plane minding my own business, when the guy next to me whips out an iPad. He turns it on. I’m too busy enjoying the in flight movie Cowboys Vs Aliens to get too caught up by what he was doing.

Graphical brilliance hit the corner of my eye, I could not believe what I was seeing. I paused my movie. And rudely stared at his device. I consider myself to be a shy person, but in this case I just had to ask.

Excuse me , but what device is that?

It’s the I pad 3, its coming out soon.

I wont talk much. By this time you probably have heard all the hype.

I will just mention what got me. Its all graphics.

The guy was looking at pictures of his kids as they had gone fishing before he hopped onto the plane. He then switched to some Discovery Channel bundu bashing videos he was watching.

He then handed it over to me to take a look.

THE GRAPHICS. OMG. The clarity is absolumazing.

To see such clarity from such a small thing is befuddling.

Ten hours stand by time. Sheer madness.

intuitive turning into portrait and landscape, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, shake, dual application processing, and still handle 10 hrs. of battery life.sigh.

Anyone who has had a conversation with me on PC Vs Mac must be laughing right now.

The 64 gig one can make you throw away your laptop. With presentations, documents etc,…

It’s just nice to look at. Even better to enjoy. And best to share with others.

Enough to give you a good feeling.

Just like a Bud Light Platinum.


Tablets Vs Smartphones

What defines the future of interactive communication?

Photo of HP Tablet PC running MS Windows Table...
Image via Wikipedia

Shall it be defined with super small but super smart phones or shrunken supercomputers in a slim visual plate?

A tablet is simple to define…think of Moses rapelling down the mountain with the ten commandments.

On one hand he had his safe-line, hooked to his carrabina, using his crab claws and his firm loincloth harness.
( I just came back from scaling a cliff face in Mt. Kenya…)
I digress. What he had in his other hand were tablets.

The tablet is an interactive device defined with a large screen as its main feature and targeting e-books, video, internet and multimedia.
Smart phones are Smart Phones. What more need be told.

Q3 2010 is the season for introductions via several different providers to begin market Spin on their tablets.

Smartphone wars are complex and have no distinct winner, with different providers having different strengths.

What’s to be discussed here is the distant future…a decade or so. The concepts around this for example is the Firefox tablet, in which the designer conceptualises a virtual pad for writing and the tablet having almost all PC functions.

The odds are stacked in favour of a scale down approach, that of a tablet with smart phone features as opposed to the opposite.

William Warero, Esquire, is an IT Evangelist, Solutions Integrator and passionate about bringing change using knowledge via ICT.

E:wwarero@gmail.com, S:william.warero

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