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How To Make Your Android A BlackBerry

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So you accepted the peer pressure and finally decided to move to Android from BlackBerry.

The Blackberry experience is an all inclusive flow, in which the experience is about you, the user. For this, I love Blackberry.  Most people who never had the opportunity or patience to try Blackberry believe the only thing it has is BBM. There is more to Blackberry than BBM. Fine, the app catalog is atrocious. But the intrinsic basic phone features are deeply thought out.

For a legacy Blackberry user, Android is too much work. The first thing you shall notice on android is it operates like an operating system. Android is built in a way in which every aspect operates stand alone.Basically Android provides a base upon which, like Windows, you add on the wallpaper, software and utilities you require to suit your needs.This is a good think for a tinkering techie seeking “freedom”, but for someone who wants to buy a functional phone that has been thought out for you in advance, Android is not the best option. The fact that the apps are not built to work with each other sometimes creates issues, one app interrupting or crashing another.

That first week is hard, very hard. You will be excited about the new apps that you now have access to. But from the GUI,games,tools,utilities to deep system functions, Android is suited towards the user tweeking and tinkering every aspect of the phone. The absence of several things will shock you. Having to configure others will shock you too. Fortunately, on Android there is always an app for your needs.

So here is a list of apps for things you take for granted on Blackberry that you require to make your Android life better.

EMAIL: BIS and BB Email System is what any hardcore BlackBerry user swears by. For Android, you have Exchange By TouchDown Key, Under Notrodesk Inc. It is the best Exchange client system on Android.

DOCUMENTS: Blackberry has the ability to view and work on documents, its a business machine. To replicate this on Andorid, use QuickOffice, an excellent documents for mobile service acquired by Google. With PDF support, QuickOffice is the document app of choice on Android. A similar third party app is Go Office Pro.Both also allow you to plug in to documents stored in the cloud on your Google Drive.

SMS SENT TIME: This seems rather foolish, but some Android platforms do not show the time a sender sent you an SMS. Crazy right? Samsung and a few others correct this defect, but some stock android ROMs do not show SMS sent time. Fortunately there is an app for that. SMS Sent Time on the Google Play store.

AUTOREDIAL: If you ever needed to autoredial someone, a feature that comes in built in all basic phones, and on BB, on Android, you require an APP for it. The App is Auto Redial on the Google Play Store.

BB KEYBOARD: Blackberry with their long experience in QWERTY have really done an excellent job with the keyboard. Fortunately for Android folks, there is Swiftkey and Swype. This doesn’t replicate the BB experience but it gets close.

NO BLACKBERRY HUB!! If you have used Blackberry Hub, then you will be distraught at Androids communication experience. The BB hub provides a unified communications hub for tweets, facebook, SMS, Call notifications and alerts,DMs,Emails and other third party apps like Viber and Whatsapp.  To attempt to replicate this experience, download Droid Hub from the App store. Messages+ also on the appstore handles multiple messaging apps in one interface, but still cannot match BB hub.

SMART AUTOMATED ACTIONS:  Blackberry Z10 users talk about Bedtime mode. Like how placing the phones face down, a call is cancelled or goes on vibrate? Or past Ten O’ Clock certain notifications are muted? Or certain times trigger certain actions? Or low battery levels triggers energy saving settings on apps and on the phone? If you want this on your Android phone, download AutoMateIt on the App store. This app enables you to customize automation rules, you set the trigger or set of triggers which will push an action, which is saved as a rule. This can replicate your bedtime mode experience and more.

SEARCH: Its weird that the mighty Google cannot muscle phone search the way Blackberry do. This I am afraid is something you would just have to get used to. BB search is universal and smart, working with and into the whole phone. It searches apps, contacts and actions to them as well! For example to send a text to Jane, if you search “text Jane” it will  open your SMS box with the recipient being Jane. Android unfortunately cannot give the same effect.

BBM:  BBM is finally available for Android, so get this on the app store.

 SIMPLICITY:  Androids interface is like constantly working on DOS, and at the same time layering upwards to Windows type GUI. Honestly, one really does not need to constantly be in the engine of their device. On BlackBerry, what you saw was what you got, with few GUI and theme changes, giving you routine, which leads to ease and productivity in how you interact with the phone, in as few clicks as possible.

Many Android users find themselves constantly deleting and adding applications and features, constantly swiping and clicking even when they are doing nothing with the phone.

As a former blackberry user who is used to the phone as a tool, both for work or play, using it when it needs to be used,this can get very annoying, and can make one very exasperated.

the cure for this is downloading a minimalistic Android Launcher like Smart Launcher or Aviate.


Utilise these minimalist launchers after having implemented all the app changes above and you will have a very smooth and productive Blackberrylike Android smartphone experience.

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QUICKPULL STEELTHORN SOFTWARE – Automated Battery Pull for Blackberry


He sees me removing the battery of the phone while still on and asks quietly: won’t you crush the hard disk?
Following the above tweet by my good friend @matrixster , I noted that a good number of people in Africa have not upgraded from their oldschool Blackberry phones to newer products.
The old 8*.*  Blackberies  boot like a 286 computer, especially when you have alot of applications running on it.
So I guess you have your :
  1. Facebook for Blackberry
  2. Twitter App ( Socialscope, Ubertwitter,tweetme, etc)
  3. wordpress For Blackberry
  4. Snaptu
  5. Opera Mini
  6. Insert preferred app/apps here

Your Blackberry will boot and refresh and boot quite slowly.

Having a large amount of images, ringtones and or games stored in the device may reduce available free memory.

If the BlackBerry’s memory is at or near capacity the handheld will begin to delete the oldest Call Log and Text Message (SMS) entries in an effort to free up memory space.

In order to prevent this, free memory must be increased.

.Your old school Blackberry is configured to delete messages to increase memory so that your phone applications can run optimally.NOTE: Saved messages will not be deleted

The advise given at most sites to stop this is, each day at certain points , to hard reset the phone, which is, a Battery Pull.

A battery pull is when you pull out the battery. Simple.

Here are some key suggestions on optimising you Blackberry memory:

Reduce Allocated Media Memory
      1. Scroll to and select the Media icon.
      2. Select the Pictures icon.
      3. Select the Device Memory icon.
      4. Press the Menu key, select Options.
      5. Change the Device Memory Limit to 12MB.
      6. Press the Menu key, select Save.
      7. Hard Reset the BlackBerry.
   Reduce Calendar Keep Appointments to 60 days or less
      1. Scroll to and select the Calendar icon.
      2. Press the Menu key, select Options.
      3. Scroll to and select Keep Appointments.
      4. Select the desired amount of time to keep appointments.
      5. Press the Menu key, select Save.
      6. Hard Reset the BlackBerry.
   Reduce the amount of time Messages are kept on the handheld.
      1. Scroll to and select the Messages icon.
      2. Press the Menu key, select Options.
      3. Select General Options.
      4. Scroll to and select Keep Messages.
      5. Select the desired amount of time to keep appointments.
      6. Press the Menu key, select Save.
      7. Hard Reset the BlackBerry.
   Clear Cache and Cookies
      1. Scroll to and select the Browser or Media Net icon.
      2. Press the Menu key.
      3. Select Options.
      4. Select Cache Operations.
      5. Select Clear History.
      6. Note: Clear History will no longer appear once it has been selected.
      7. Hard Reset the BlackBerry.
   Delete Unused Languages
   Note: If deleting both the unused languages and the sample video wait to restart the device until both processes have been completed
      1. Scroll to and select the Settings icon.
      2. Select the Options icon.
      3. Select Advanced Options.
      4. Select Applications.
      5. Scroll to and highlight each of the unused languages under the Input Support and Language and Input Support subheadings.
      6. Press the Menu key.
      7. Select Delete.
      8. Select Delete.
      9. When prompted to Restart select No until all unused languages are deleted.
     10. NOTE:Repeat steps 4-8 until all unused languages are deleted then select Yes when prompted to restart.
     11. Hard Reset the BlackBerry.
   Delete Sample Video
   Note: If deleting both the unused languages and the sample video wait to restart the device until both processes have been completed. The sample video is the pre-installed video for the blackberry and is ~2.2MB in size.
      1. Scroll to and select the Settings icon.
      2. Select the Options icon.
      3. Select Advanced Options.
      4. Select Applications.
      5. Scroll to and highlight "Blackberry Sample Video".
      6. Press the Menu key.
      7. Select Delete.
      8. Select Delete.
      9. When prompted to Restart select Yes.
     10. Hard Reset the BlackBerry.
   Change Call Log Options
      1. Scroll to and select the Phone icon.
      2. Press the Menu key.
      3. Select Options.
      4. Select Call Logging.
      5. Select either Missed Calls or None.
      6. Hard Reset the BlackBerry.

You are thinking:


Isn’t there an App out ther that can do this all for me?”


It does all the above, and you are able to configure and preset the battery pulls automatically.

Find it and download it for free on http://www.getjar.com or http://wap.getjar.com from your phone.

Or visit http://steelthorn.com !

WordPress for Blackberry

I am wondering why I did not know about this earlier.
The nice guys at WordPress have made available WordPress for Blackberry for bloggers on the go. Yet another cool application for Blackberry.
This application has been in public beta from july 2009 and is available for download.
The application works like a charm. Its running smooth and loads pages real quick.
It allows for access and management of multiple blogs.. Uploading of images is pretty straightfoward,with one being able to upload images from the sd card or system memory. All the necessary fields like tags and categories are all there just like the full site. However,one is unable to load the themes as those in the full site whilst previewing the blog.
It is quick and lightweight and loads much faster than twitterberry or facebook for blackberry.

The coolest thing is that I’m having lunch while doing this.