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It’s not your fault you are smart.

After all you just followed the rule book that you found when you first heard of reading and writing.

While everyone else was being dumb and stupid, your face was stuck in a book.

While the rest were gazing outside the window daydreaming you tapped into the fount of knowledge and followed the stream into the rivers and the lakes you are now used to.

And now that things are a bit settled and no rapids are afoot, you feel like chasing waterfalls.

And you feel guilty about all those times you turned down the chances to “live a little”.

I’ll let you in on a little secret about what’s going on out there. Most of that world? Its a fantasy. Totally fantastic.

Three quarter of “those people” are there to see and report what they saw while the other quarter are there to be seen.

And that’s why people like YOU invent Twitter,Instagram,Facebook,Vine,Tumblr,and a myriad other tools for these filthy mortals.

Recognize that their “world” is a creation of minds like yours. Thus when faced with the quagmire of entering such morass, create a suitable persona…make it fun, it’s like the movie Gone Girl but with happier events and happenings.

All the characters you read about all these years? This is the moment they’ve been waiting for, let them breathe and walk the earth.

And if some earthy types ever challenge the veracity of your personality, make the question existential and draw them into the black hole of their own paltry existence.

It’s not your fault you’re smart and the rest of the world so dumb.