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How To Put YouTube On Repeat

YouTube Repeat is just one of several methods to auto-repeat YouTube videos.
YouTube Repeat is just one of several methods to auto-repeat YouTube videos.

Source: Elizabeth Rostan

Practically everyone uses YouTube. Many people view videos or listen to music via the online video-sharing site daily. Many of you have probably at one time or another wished that YouTube had a feature where you could click a “repeat” button to play your favorite videos over and over again. While YouTube has made great changes and added cool new features like YouTube Playlists over the past few years, the Google subsidiary has yet to add a feature that allows you to seamlessly watch a single video repeatedly without constantly having to push the “play” button each time over.

However, several developer sites have created solutions for this problem.

  • YouTube Repeat – With this method, type “repeat” into the YouTube video URL you wish to watch before the “.com” and then hit your browser’s “go” or “search” button to watch a video on repeat. YouTube repeat gives you an example of what the URL format should look like. This method of auto-repeat works well, but the size of the video will decrease.
  • Infinite Looper – To watch videos via Infinite Looper, you have the option to either search for a video directly from the Infinite Looper site and then play it or load a YouTube video URL and then type “InfiniteLooper” in the place of “YouTube” to automatically repeat the video. Infinite Looper gives more specific instructions. This is probably the most popular method of auto-repeat for YouTube videos.
  • YouRepeat – Much like the two cited above, this method allows you to instantly repeat a video by modifying its URL. In this case, you would enter “Yourepeat” in the stead of “YouTube.” You can also search for a video on YouRepeat by typing the the title or terms for the video into the search box.

Note: Both Infinite Looper and YouRepeat offer widgets that you can drag to your bookmarks toolbar and use whenever you’re in the mood to watch a certain video on repeat.

  • Auto Replay – This solution, offered as a free extension available in the Google Chrome Web Store and created by an indie developer, adds a handy “Auto Replay” checkbox at the bottom of every YouTube video once installed. Checking the box automatically sets the video on repeat., while un-checking the box stops the repeat.This extension also allows you to set the auto-replay start and end times of a YouTube video. By far the most advanced and easily accessible repeat option, but keep in mind that you can only use this feature in a Chrome browser.

And that’s it, folks! Hopefully you found one of the above methods useful, or perhaps you want to use more than one of them! All of the items mentioned above are helpful, but only you can choose what you’ll use!