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I am a PC….

I am a PC....


I-PAD 3 AKA The New iPad

The New iPad

I would like to start with a confession: I am a hater.

Really. I’m one of those guys with staunch beliefs in variety in product, free market, diversity, self configuration, the works.

SO I have never really hopped on the Apple bandwagon simply because I don’t believe that anything that Apple decide is good for you is good for you.

I’m not a techie, but I am interested enough in technology to try and do *interesting* things to operating systems of a gadget, increase or decrease functionality as I please, you get the drift.

Sometimes though, until you taste Bud Light Platinum, you do not realize how sweet and smooth a beer can be, how savory the whole experience is.

Such was my experience with the iPad 3.

How did I get to touch and feel an iPad 3 you ask? Travel the world, go to interesting places, talk to interesting people and you will definitely see interesting things.

So here I was seated on a plane minding my own business, when the guy next to me whips out an iPad. He turns it on. I’m too busy enjoying the in flight movie Cowboys Vs Aliens to get too caught up by what he was doing.

Graphical brilliance hit the corner of my eye, I could not believe what I was seeing. I paused my movie. And rudely stared at his device. I consider myself to be a shy person, but in this case I just had to ask.

Excuse me , but what device is that?

It’s the I pad 3, its coming out soon.

I wont talk much. By this time you probably have heard all the hype.

I will just mention what got me. Its all graphics.

The guy was looking at pictures of his kids as they had gone fishing before he hopped onto the plane. He then switched to some Discovery Channel bundu bashing videos he was watching.

He then handed it over to me to take a look.

THE GRAPHICS. OMG. The clarity is absolumazing.

To see such clarity from such a small thing is befuddling.

Ten hours stand by time. Sheer madness.

intuitive turning into portrait and landscape, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, shake, dual application processing, and still handle 10 hrs. of battery life.sigh.

Anyone who has had a conversation with me on PC Vs Mac must be laughing right now.

The 64 gig one can make you throw away your laptop. With presentations, documents etc,…

It’s just nice to look at. Even better to enjoy. And best to share with others.

Enough to give you a good feeling.

Just like a Bud Light Platinum.