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Trees did not die for this.

100 year old redwoods,hectares of cypress, enslaved in a system to serve an unwilling reader.

I don’t trust our sources.

They seem guided by those hands that steer the record of history,horses led down paths toward meaningless snack cafes that delay the journey.

Before I put the cart before the horse, i respect the fifth estate. Men and women who have given their lives to chasing down stories, shaping opinion and essentially determining what the voice of the nation is.It is a huge responsibility,what a yoke to put on!

Yearning for truth and getting hurt over the years leaves consumers scarred and wary. We’re unwilling to listen to things for what they are,and are looking out for memes in the stories to fit in the trends and patterns that we’ve been trained to expect.

We now like our food a certain way and anything different tastes bad. Worse still,we want it packaged in a certain way. It’s true value and meaning no longer matters.

I’m wary of anything I hear or read. Music, books, news, TV shows, radio. My ears are open but my soul is guarded. Because I don’t trust our sources. When shall we have true Press freedom?

And if there are more like me in this cart, you know exactly what I mean, should we jump out?

No M word was used in the writing of this post

Hi, my name is Steve, and I am a Social Media Enthusiast.

This means, I am very good at talking about what people are talking about.

Social Media enthusiasm is all about being very enthusiastic about social media technology, for example Google and her products, Facebook and Twitter.

As you should know, these are the basic means of communication in Web 2.0

Essential to any social media enthusiast though, is knowledge of what’s happening,NOW and what’s happening NEXT, FIRST (I cannot emphasize this more).

After you know it, you must then immediately “share” your knowledge through as many Cool IT Kid gangs as possible. Some of these are Reddit, Quora,StumbledUpon, Google+,and a few other select sites.

There are also a few invite only mailing lists,meetings and sites you can further contribute to once you build up XP through credibility and uniqueness.

PRO TIP: Always use a Social Media Aggregator. Twitter’s Tweetdeck is a good start, but as your XP increases of course, you will need better tools.

A good social media enthusiast knows his ecosystem. You must first study and understand the histories of the companies you talk about so as to sound knowledgable and credible.

To be the best though, you must go a step further. Get a blog and blog. Get to know the Venture Capitalists and VC programs, startup competitions and Investors and their program directors.

Knowing and engaging with these guys’ (social media accounts) can make you a social media guru.
The potential ability to link startups to them tips you over from enthusiast to guru.

As there are do’s, there are donts.

As a social media enthusiast, you must learn to ignore:

1. Any advancement or development by traditional companies. Top on this list are Microsoft, IBM, General Electric and similar Blue Chip organizations. The reason is simple, they can afford their own media. Also, they are evil and supporting them is selling out the revolution.

2.Ignore anything that’s not happening in The Valley. Its not worth your time, as it probably will not be worth any attention. Except of course, when its crossed the cool factor. Like Africa’s Ushahidi, Irooko, Mxit. Indians and Asians have lots off disruptive stuff, but they don’t count. Unless they cross the river.

3. You are to be followed/friended, so keep the number of people you link to low. Breaking this rule will mess up your Klout score, and then where will you be? Except of course if they are ranked higher than you. This raises your score.

4. Always talk about what’s hot. Unless its piling up the VCs or changing the world in some fundamental way, why talk about it. Example. Vine is hot. Vine is not hot; Instagram is. During Instagram’s tenure, do not talk about Vine.

My hero and mentor is Robert Scoble, who I can call a Technology Critic. His rubberstamp on your product might get a startup so much VC money, enough to turn the idea into something worth Exiting.

Coz that’s what its about, the exit strategy, where the concept is sold to the big evil blue chip corporations we ignored in rule 1.

Always take any opportunity to gain following on your social media accounts, your Klout score and ranking is worth a gazillion internet points!

Linkedin:Steve Tipper

As a social media enthusiast, you are a revolutionary,social development loving,globetrotting, startup focused,mountain climbing, biking, camping,open source/standards propagating, hero of your home town,The Internet.

Do it well enough, and you will figure out a niche perspective of things.

Soon you will start travelling the world to give cool talks about things people are talking about, simply because you talk about it so much that you can be deemed a specialist, and rise to the rank of Technology Evangelist.


Social media has NOT helped my life.

Its speed dating on SPEED.

Its coffee, acid and weed together all in a portable carry-it-where-you-will package that your mother approves.

A couple of days or nights of intense IMing can get one so intensely knowledgeable of an absolute stranger, so much more than someone one sees on a daily basis.

The mask the internet wears in the sheath of pseudo anonymity only serves as a lure into extreme self exhibitionism, and deepens further as connections are made.

I have come to this bitter conclusion after several years of playing with this fire.

I was not so fortunate as to have been introduced to social media through the safe and managed world of desktop IM and email.

No. mine was a baptism of fire. It was the early pre-gprs days of dial up internet  on the phone. When downloading a ringtone and having it ring in public made deep deep impact.

I am definitely not that old a man, old enough though. Twas my campus years , and the phones used belonged to that parent, aunt or brother who had a phone with complex facilities way beyond what the network could offer.

I can remember thinking up such beautiful ideas such as starting up a company that does MMS advertising so that by the time our networks adopt MMS, then we would be market leaders…ah,good times. concepts superceded by technological advancements i guess.

At the time my addictions were not so severe, due to the high cost of dial-up data.


To add to the above gift which I now see as a predicament, I received a Nokia 3300. A phone way way way ahead of its time.

Nokia 3300

Thus through GPRS and WAP, I discovered the IM networks, some british, a good number asian and Indian, some american. The population was mainly young people, very young.

We were all either in our first or second years in campus at most, the rest, even kids in primary school.

Peperonity, Mig33,wapamp, mygamma and some which i refuse to name as they were text based with intense and revelatory conversations forever hanging out there on the wap web… sigh.

Those were the good memories. I made many friends , to whom I spoke (no, chatted) with daily for hours on end daily for a minimum of ten hours a day.

When did i find the time? You did it everywhere. My thumbs (the 3300 was a rela of the Ngage, qwerty things)were almost always sore like a pro gamer.My mom hated it .

The bad bits was the fast love culture it bore. I know alot of people used those portals to hook up. look up the words “hook up” .

The second aspect was how emotionally draining it was.  I cannot say anything more on that.

I wasted tons of credit. Tons. the money I spent on airtime…. considering I had no source of income…coz you had to chat daily. You know the way you do not really need your cell phone, but if you leave home without it you feel as if your day is destroyed? that was how I would feel after an hour of not responding or checking on updates.

Alot of the emotional hangups I have with regard to women and relationship were built around social media addiction.

To be honest, from all the time I spent on the stuff, I gained NOTHING.

All those companies are laughing to the bank in conjunction with the service providers.

I am saying this now that Safaricom is endorsing MXIT ( A service I had been on for about a year) and Facebook for popular and widespread use all over the country.

I just feel that someone should learn from my terrible experiences and that my example should cause some sort of protection to be put in place towards regulating these addictive things.

I swear NACADA should be told about this new drug and its worse than all the rest because its in the guise of cool government supported companies and no one can see the problem as it is novel.

I do hope this post will help any chat addicts and net addicts out there to know they are not alone, others have overcome and it is possible to get out.

Microblogging and Social Media: Changing our way of life

As I lie here in the dark of night having been captured by this thought, and now sending it out to the world , I realise that every human being is important.

The advent of blogging, viral media and social networking affirms this more than ever before.
This has however altered the way daily life is lived.

Each event, function,concert,holiday cannot be simply experienced without being twittered,flickred or facebooked

It is all based upon the presumption that everyone in our world is looking out and cares for what we have to say,that we are perpetually on a stage.

Or the grim thought that at our death our history and eulogy is digitally written by our own hand.
The benefits of social media far outweigh the demerits.
However this microwave era, this period of bubblegum life will soon enough come to pass.
This is, to me, made clear in three key aspects in which it has affected our lives.

The first aspect is the lightness with which it comes;a serious message that was once carried in a weighty letter is posted in a microsecond and quickly buried in a mass of meaningless garbage.
This adds in the “cry-wolf” effect, where a serious message is taken lightly. I need not remind you what happened to the boy who cried wolf.

Do you not find it annoying, the multiple media we have to deal with? Today, an afternoon after a hard days work for the typical urban person means skype,email,i-pod,facebook,twitter,flicker,newspaper,tv,radio,sms,phone calls. All this outside direct person to person conversations.
You would think that we are now better at multitasking, but surveys show that persons raised in this media explosion have extremely short attention spans.They can hardly concentrate.

What hurts me most though, is the waning of pure peace and enjoyment of beauty. One no longer basks in a the orange basket of a sunset or sunrise,plunging and losing oneself in its beauty, without first whipping out a camera to “capture”the moment, not knowing the moment was lost once the plunge wasn’t taken, and the decision to be a cold observer behind mirrored steel was made. We will then tumblr it, tweet it, facebook it, stumble upon it, sms it and by the time we are done, it will be dark or high noon,the moment lost in time.

Instead of building addictive habits around our media,we should validate and qualify the importance of our use of the same,and thereafter,use them in moderation.