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Is Android The New Windows?

My guess is, it is.

A bit of background on my perspective. 

Before the advent of pervasive Windows,Computing was weird – software was coupled with hardware in a hard to use expensive and complex UX.

Post Windows, the hardware playing field was levelled. Basically, all OEM’s were forced to think about design, battery life, processing power, GUI and UI to differentiate their offering.

Brands like Dell, HP and now Lenovo have used different product and marketing methodology to carve their niches.  But any wise buyer knows that these machines are all the same, given the specs are the same.

This wisdom is pervasive now, apart from the total PC noob who still buys stuff by the brand and not the specs.

Enter Android.

Android equalises a highly differentiated mobile phone marketplace by taking away the software layer, forcing phone vendors to focus on hardware core.

However, current market leaders like Samsung have used fancy marketing to make the brand larger than life. So much so if you have a Tecno phone or Forme phone with higher specs than Samsung you are bound to look uncool.

In time people will learn to think less about the brand and software dynamics and focus on phone specifications.