A.Plus versus Tweetdeck? I dont think so….


The numbers do not lie.

The basic strategy utilised by most social media companies is building up users at any cost.

Because once you have the numbers, you can convince any corporation, investor, angel fund, IPO, whoever..to place their bet with you.

This, apart from superior functionality, I believe, is one of the primary reasons Twitter went with Tweetdeck.



Now,talk about interesting release timing.

Whilst the ink dries on the agreement between Twitter and Tweetdeck, twitter gaining one of the worlds most popular social media aggregation desktop application, the chaps over at UberMedia, who have been rumoured at having a thing for and hitting on TweetDeck in her maiden years, launched an Ashton Kutcher branded Twitter application, A.Plus.

As more and more people and entities hear about and join twitter, it becomes more and more about a numbers game. Twitter is, nowadays, less and less about geeks representing their respective fields talking amongst themselves.

Verily, I say unto you, there is an influx of the “Facebook” personality and conversations on Twitter. A majority of twitter conversations today are not about smart stuff, cool technology and life changing, world changing events.

Maybe that is how it started, and the early tweeters hold on to the illusion of Us vs Them, Twitter vs Facebook, smartfolk and everyone else.

Face reality. That was the past, this is now.

Well. Why would you use A.Plus instead of Tweetdeck, which gives you a full range of media to go into? 

  1. Coz you are cool . Its Ashton Kutcher’s app, and the dude has got like 6 Million Followers. The numbers do not lie!
  2. You have a crush on Ashton Kutcher
  3. You use twitter for fun and don’t say stuff like #mweb, #ICT4D and #gogreen. You prefer to tweet about #everymanshouldknowhowto , #bcnsinmiedo and #bornthisgma

Much like a jilted lover getting a peroxide blonde who looks exactly like the ex, UberMedia’s  Application is also an Adobe Air application.

The application consists of Ashton’s tweet stream, the user’s personal timeline, and a built-in web browser. Topics are parsed by a Channel selector into Sports, Travel and Social – all through Ashton’s eyes.

The current features on A.Plus are:


  • Log into Twitter
  • View timeline, mentions, messages
  • View saved searches, favorites, and lists
  • Search for tweets
  • Save searches
  • Search for people
  • Delete tweets
  • Edit your account information
  • Change your avatar
  • Follow lists
  • Create lists
  • View full profile information of any tweeter
  • Tweet shrink – save space by turning tweets into txt speak
  • Tweet over 140 characters
  • Auto-fill @mentions while composing
  • Link shortener
  • Tweet images and videos
  • Temporarily mute hashtags and users
  • Email tweets
  • Retweet and retweet with comment
  • Pop out columns – tweet and search directly from popout columns so you don’t have to stop what you’re working on to follow your streams

Wanna try? download it Here:http://www.aplus-app.com/#download-link



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