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We are built for action. We are built for action. every time I say it it feels silly even saying it, but we are built for action. We are built for action because we are placed between three, the future, the present and the past.

I have showcased different productivity and GTD tools on this site. As said before,for action and reaction to be effected in our lives,  simplicity is key, read John Maeda’s The Laws of Simplicity. I simplify my broad categories to the three, Future, Present, Past. The present, or now, is, in my view, interchangeable with action.

  1. Future: This category holds anything undone. Ideas, plans,concepts,meetings,dates,you name it, thy fall under subcategories within the future category.
  2. Action (Present): This holds everything that needs getting done now. The present encapsulates the imaginary constant we call NOW. Now does not exist. We are built for action, for we are constantly hurtling into the depths of time and space creating a past imprint in memory, hurtling towards a future in design. Now is a reflective gulp of time,that is seen as it passes by,soon falling into past.
  3. Past: The past reflects achievements, notches on the wall,milestones,benchmarks, and its existence “proved” by memory, and that which has been achieved.

So the last item really causes one to look at actionable tangible goals, when it is in your past, when you measure your action, are they of value?

We are built for action, action is all we are, into a future that is seen, into a past that remains to be seen.


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